I recently picked up a new spacegun, and as I work out the bugs on it the spacegun is turning into my primary semi. I still want a pump, but I am looking for less do it all, more pump

I'm not sure on the price but lets start at a number that could buy me a nice high end pump only marker. Say $600. Let me know if I'm off base, I actually had trouble finding recent reference sales. This one is rock solid on the field, and very consistent over the chrono.

Primary rule: NO part outs. If I can't sell it as a lot or trade it I'll need it intact to play pump games

Trades: High end pumps. MVP's & CCM's are interesting. I'm not opposed to a well appointed phantom. I loved my old sterling, but one of those would have to come with a lot of goodies (no plastic rails, freak barrel or similar, etc). For the right gun I'd consider adding cash.

Onto the good stuff.
  • ULE Body (pump milled)
  • Benchmark frame
  • Custom trigger (I have no proof, but looks like triggernomics to me)
  • Rainman pump kit & milled rail
  • Vintage aluminum stock
  • AA Armageddon (will output high enough to get the RT working)
  • ULE & RT on/offs (RT installed right now)
  • AKA drop forward
  • Lots of spare parts (lvlX spacers & shims, lvl7 bolts, sears, etc)
  • Spare AGD seals
  • Spare AA seals and pin
  • J&J hard chrome, straight rifled barrel
  • Spart Parts AA Barrel
  • OTP 2 piece (non insert style) Barrel
  • Halo B


In Semi Config:

(tank last hydro'd on 4/12)


Parts (plenty of seals for the next decade or so):