I came across an item I wanted on another forum, having just missed out on a similar one on Ebay. New it'd be about $100, and the gentleman wanted $60 used, the same as it went for on Ebay. Conveniently enough, I had $61 dollars in my PayPal account, completely free from the prying eyes of my better half!

I told him I'd take it for $60, and he came back with $60 + $5 shipping. Being that I had only the $61 in untraceable fundage, I busted out the honesty card and told the man straight up; letting a paintball purchase hit the checking account or credit card this week would be the equivalent of domestic seppuku but I'd gladly come up to $61 total being that it's my PayPal accounts bottom dollar. After all, what's $4 between players?

Well I think I might have rocked his world - $65 is firm, and it's a good price, after all it's only $4. If only it were that simple. I miss those innocent days.