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Thread: turn my karta to pump

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    turn my karta to pump

    can anyone do this yet? everytime I have asekd i get a no response, so here i am asking again, I have a Karta with a non uled rail. i want this pump milled.

    any takers?

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    Did you pm luke?

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    Without the cad I'm not certain. The front is OK because it is not milled, where the cnc milling starts is my concern, but cant really tell in pictures.

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    It can be done, you'll need to make the pump rod though since the rail is EM length. Also since 99% of all pump kits were made for AM rails, you'll need to place a spacer or mill the wings off. Milling the wings will be your best bet. As far as the rail milling goes, it's standard except for the extra meat at the front.

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