So I'm still pretty new to mags, and recently bought my first one after getting back into paintball a few weeks ago. I played two weekends ago with my new (to me) RT Pro and it shot awesome the whole time. Loved it. I went paintballing again yesterday and noticed the gun was breaking balls pretty often. I mean, I wasn't shooting absurdly fast or anything like that, but balls were breaking in the breach and making a mess of things. Very frustrating I got through the day but spent a lot of time using a squeegie. When I took the gun apart later to clean it, etc, i found that the plastic sleeve that surrounds the bolt had broken. It must have been slicing the next ball in line as it was firing, and every once in a while cut all the way through the shell and into to the paint. I have a couple questions for you guys:

1) What type of bolt is this (pics attached)? Why does it even have the plastic sleeve?
2) Ever seen a failure like this before? Is it common?
3) Think I should use this as an excuse to upgrade to a level X kit? (I think I already know the answer to this one )
4) Unrelated, anyone ever have trouble with their powerfeed plug falling out during rapid fire? It happened a few times on Sunday. Annoying!

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The setup is:
RT Pro
Crown Point
Xboard Revvy
Ninja 68/45

Thanks in advance for the help!