having just finished slapping a new set of O-Rings on my Classic RT, I went down to the local(ish) store to get my tank filled so I could gas her up and check for leaks. I also just added Lukes mini vert frame so I had to dramatically shorten the bottom macro-line. I was surprised to find the place semi-busy.

I got the tank filled and bought some oil. I asked if they would mind if I gassed it up and cycled it a few times and they obliged. When I returned from the car with the RT one of the guys got all exited and started talking about how awesome these things were and how you hardly see them anywhere. I gassed it up, now with an audience and it starts hissing air out of the bottom macro. The guy volunteers to take it in the back and redo the macroline for free.

After a few minutes he comes out. We gas it up again and I and each of the store guys take turns ripping on the trigger. It doesn't quite RT (none of my RT's ever really have) but with a little practice (pull and relax vs. pull and release) you can easily compete with electro RoF. The guy who did the macroline for me said he trolls here on AO so if you are reading this, thanks man.

I was away from the sport for a good five years after my first daughter was born. Before coming back everything was "Mags are blenders", "Mags are heavy", "Mags are ugly", "Mags are hogs". Since I've been back my Mags seem to get respected, even treated with reverence. It's nice to see. On the other hand I feel sorry for AGD that bad marketing and bad market timing prevented them from getting the recognition they deserved, when they deserved it most. My 15+ y/o marker can hang with all the "latest and greatest".

Props to AGD for an enduring product. Here's hoping (against all odds) that a still more glorious dawn awaits.