I need some help. I have collected a huge number of mag parts from my family and friends. I have 4 valves, and 3 everything else. I would love to get at least 2 of them up and running. Only problem is I don't have any experience with mags, none of the valves are the same, and they haven't been used in at least 8 years. (Okay, so 3 problems) How do i make these guns work?

Lets start with a Valve list

-retro valve 68 micromag - As far as i can tell a complete valve with some of a level ten kit. There are enough parts that it ran at one time, but i don't know if there is enough to adjust it.

-68 automag classic with a hurricane valve - Seems to be complete. Probably a lvl 7 bolt and power tube components. It has a .215 spacer.

- 68 automag classic - seems to have a level 10 kit similar to the micromag, some there but not complete. the inside of the spacer is very scratched up. Not the part that contacts the inside of the power tube, but the center. One star left on the valve.

- Minimag A.I.R. - valve is all here, the rubber is completely shot though. probably a lvl 6 based on my limited knowledge of the power tube tip. 4 stars left on this guy.

Plan of Action
I have ordered a couple of "AGD Automag & Minimag Complete Parts Kits" on line. I figure replacing the rubber is a good place to start.
I also emailed AGD to see about their star program, and if they will still honor it. I have done some research on normal trouble shooting for mags. I dug up an old expansion chamber, I don't have a HPA tank with a high enough output to run a mag yet, so I'm going to try CO2 to start. Can anyone give me a basic run through of how to set the gun up? Even a link to a thorough trouble shooting page would help. I've found some good ones in the past, but they elude me now.