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Thread: removing powdercoating...

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    removing powdercoating...

    so whats the best way, ive got some parts that were previously powder coated and need it off, bead blasting? draino? any help would be appreciated, thanks

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    Aircraft Paint remover. Let it soak for a while. I have used this before.

    ......You know you want one!!

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    What ^^^ said. It isn't the funnest thing to do even with good aircraft paint stripper. And if the parts are AL you do t want to blast them any more than needed for new powder. The media will eat the AL long before all the old powder is off.

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    If the parts are aluminum, which is most likely, the stripper can react with the aluminum and put off some dangerous fumes as well.

    What is the new finish going to be? If its going to be powdered again id have them blasted by a shop, that way its already prepped.

    I tried stripping 4 18" wheels in stripper to try and save money to get them redone bronze, got absolutely nowhere. Went through 2 gallons of it and 90% of the powder was still on them. That's $70 in stripper plus I bought a big metal tub to put the wheels in and various other supplies.... I got charged $120 to have them blasted professionally. Wasted 4 days and lots of rubber gloves, brushes, containers, masks, rags that got eaten through, sand paper... you get the picture

    Id at least call and get a quote before going the stripper route, it may be cheaper than you think. And they just threw my wheels in with the next "batch" they had to blast, turned out I went in the day before said batch was to be prepped so I was pretty stoked on that, I got them back by 6pm the next day.
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