It's a sad day for me, but a great day for someone. My knees just won't allow me to play anymore.

I bought this Xmag new to replace my Automag RT back in the day.

I'm selling off all my gear, and would like to sell as a package deal instead of having to part everything out, but I'm open to options if a few of you want to split the stuff up. I just don't want to be left with anything that someone else could use.

Here's the basics

Pewter CNC X mag serial XT00214 Needs a code update as it's current Rev 3
I'm not sure about the battery life, but it does come on, and it may not be a bad idea to get a new one as this has been sitting.

The 4500psi 45cu? tank comes with a flatline reg.
Smart parts barrel kit, Halo with a broken neck, use it for parts.
Plenty of Valve parts, shims, orings etc..

The RT has been customized see pics. Comes with 3 barrels, the original, a Hammer head, and I can't think of what the Chrome one was off hand.

Empire gear bag, v-force and JT masks, Dye shoes size 11.5 still in good shape, Head sock, Chronograph, so on and so on. Have a look at the pics.

I'm not listing a price but have one in my head. So I'm taking reasonable offers.

Sorry I won't ship outside the US. I will pack what I can in the Empire bag, and box up the rest to ship.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email at, or call me at 972-880-0748

Item locations are in Princeton TX if someone local would like to pick them up that's not a problem.

I do take paypal, sorry gift only the fees are getting to much. Cashiers check would be preferable.

Thanks for looking.


PS Pictures are still uploading so hit refresh until you see the table with everything on it.