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Thread: SO! barrel swap comparison

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    SO! barrel swab comparison

    since I have an abundance of swap and was purposely breaking paint today...

    here are the swabs I have, one is a CP microfiber swab and the other 2 are bomb swabs.

    I've had a LONG day of broken paint so at the time I did this review the swabs have already cleaned a gummed barrel at least6 times. the bomb swabs had each gone through a barrel 2-3 times a piece and the CP I used ONCE!

    here's how I run the test.
    -put a ball halfway in the breach and circumcise it
    -shoot 2 more times with an empty breach
    -push the swab into the barrel until I see it in the breach and pull out.
    -take a picture
    -push the same swab all the way through the barrel
    -take a picture

    heres the coated barrel

    Bomb swab used with barrel on gun

    CP used on gun

    Bomb swap pushed through

    CP pushed through

    so that was the 2nd use of the CP and the 3rd or 4th use of the Bomb swab. even using a bomb swab thats cleaned out 3 other breaks it still polished the barrel to a shine where the CP failed at it miserably at twice the cost of the bomb swab. I even used that same bomb swab to clean out the barrel after the CP pic.

    Bomb swabs FTW!
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