Got to try some today.

It was about $15 more than I usually pay for PMI Premium, which is made locally, the pink fill Premium is a very nice brittle paint.

Very nice box, bubble wrap top and bottom.

DYE sticker inside along with a little pamphlet.

Shot very nice, broke as nicely as the Premium.

But I can honestly say I wasnt impressed at all.

For $15 a case less and just as nice shooting and breaking I will stick with the PMI Premium.

Its made about 20 miles from me and is usually extremely fresh.

The DYE is made in Taiwan, and was swelled like it had gotten cold, except the seam didnt swell.

2.5 stars out of 5 , and honestly the price I paid was probably $20 less than most fields premium paint,

but there was no thunder and lightning, nothing special IMHO.

Very disappointed its not made in the good ole US.