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Thread: How to tune RT

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    How to tune RT

    Hey guys - I have a Tac-One EMag that's from the first run. It works great, always has and is dead reliable. The only "problem" I have with it is I can't really get the reactive trigger to work very well. Every once in a while it will catch and rip for a few shots, but I can't get it whenever I want. Is this all about tank input pressure or are there other variables? Right now I have a non-adjustable SP tank on it, but I also have an adjustable NitroDuck (need a better drop-forward/rail for it). I was using the SP because the tank would come off for TSA inspections. If I can get the pressure on the SP reg tuned that would be cool, but I haven't had great luck with the Nitroduck either.

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    How long is the on off pin? And what psi tank are you using?

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    In stock form, the gun isn't suppose to be reactive, so your is probably working exactly as it should.

    You can make it more reactive by adjusting one or more of the following parameters:

    1) increase the pressure coming from the tank regulator
    2) shorten the on-off pin
    3) lower the require chamber pressure (Use an optimum length barrel and the shortest gold bolt spring.)

    You can add a couple of shims in between the on-off halves so simulate a shorter pin without having to modify yours or buy a new one.
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