Finally decided to make the move and actually play pump all day today instead of using my RTing paint hose. Paint was crappy as all get out and I was getting a fair amount of chops, but whatever. Still having fun. However, in about my 3rd or 4th game, as I was getting more comfortable with pumping I was trying to pump it quicker and started seeing two balls heading out the barrel. Very wierd considering I underbored pretty well and shouldnt have been getting past the nubbins as I was just using a Revy. Went on for a little bit more until I did something, missed a pump and shot the marker twice. Ok? So I tried it again, and sure enough it was shooting semiauto...WTH? So I finish out the game and get back to staging and head over to the chrono area to find out what the problem is. I unscrew the FS screw, drop out the valve and yep, no wave spring! None. Guess that extra one that I found on the floor last week wasnt actually extra after all. LOL.