Well, ran into some weird problems with my Classic RT on the field today and don't know what the problem is. My setup is a Classic RT, Lvl 10 with no shims and the red springg, with a 68/4500 Ninja SHP tank set to 950psi. I just bought a brand new reg piston for this gun from AGD this week so this seems all the weirder. I chronoed the gun fine in the 285fps range, but had several instances were the gun refused to fire when I pressed the trigger, even though I could feel pressure pushing back on the trigger. This might be a seperate bolt stick issue. However, a little while later it started to shoot very hot, 320fps, and I couldn't chrono it lower or the gun wouldn't cycle. When I tried to screw in my reg nut all the way in to see if the piston would vent out the back, it never would vent. I thought that was very odd. Did I buy a bad reg piston from AGD?