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Thread: School me on Pneumags...

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    Question School me on Pneumags...

    I've tried searching for info, but all that I'm find is technical info on setups, etc.

    What makes the Pneumags so attractive?

    Pros? Cons?

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    a pneumag uses a pneumatic ram to trip the sear
    the ram is controlled by a small pneumatic switch (think autococker 3way) that is activated by the trigger
    the pressure needed to operate the "switch" is significantly less than the standard trigger pull, and even lighter than the ULT, coming real close to an electronic
    the air for the pneumatic trigger has to be provided from a LPR somewhere (generally under 100 psi)
    this super light trigger allows for walking the trigger, although the feel is different than an electro
    they require a frame to be modified to fit the components, although there are a few that are drop in, so if you dont have the tools, time. or skill you need to have someone else do the work
    you can get crazy speed out of them and they dont require a battery, I think thats the biggest appeal to them

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