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Thread: requlator question

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    requlator question

    I'm doing a project and i'm looking for a regulator that will take a c02 tank down to a 100 psi output.
    not for a marker i'm hooking it up to an air piston and the solenoid I have operates at 100 psi. And cheap cause i'm poor

    will a sledgehammer lpr work? direct co2 in and out?
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    Id be more worried about the reg freezing up and trashing o rings than getting co2 down to 100 psi. If you could run compressed air on the same system then yes... you can regulate it to 5psi if you wanted to

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    Most of the Palmers regs handle CO2 quite well. That is one of their claims to fame.
    Except for the Automag in front, its usually the man behind the equipment that counts.

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