I bought a used RT Classic around Christmas (with a tuned lvl 10 bolt) and I'm getting ready to take it out to play in May.

I've put a little paint through it and it was (is) great...even got to experience the bolt NOT chop paint. Yay!

That being said, I was sitting here yesterday screwing around dry-firing it and noticed a few things:

1.) There's a "sweet spot" where the marker will cycle and shoot without leaking around the body/out the back on the banjo bolt. I drew a line with a sharpie to sort of tell where it is.
2.) After "some" shots, the banjo bolt starts loosening, and when I look, sure enough, my line isn't lined up anymore.

I tore down the marker and was looking at the rail and banjo bolt, and noticed that the line isn't perpendicular with the holes in the frame where the gas comes in. I drew a perpendicular line on the banjo bolt and put it all back together, lining up the *new* line, and the thing leaked like a siv and wouldn't cycle or fire. Tweak the banjo bolt a little so the "old" line is lined up, it works fine.


1.) Does that sound right to anyone else? I'm having a hard time understanding why having the holes in the banjo bolt line up with the holes in the frame would cause this behavior, while having the banjo bolt tightened down so that the holes aren't exactly lined up works great.
2.) Does the banjo bolt loosen on anyone else? If so, any suggestions on how to get it stay in place? I've seen threads about people using Ninja reg shims, but I thought that was more for helping with leaking than keeping it in place. I've debated using the "wrench-removable" loctite, but putting something like that inside my marker scares the hell out of me.