Hello! I have a LNIB Empire Sniper for sale. I purchased this new online, and have since decided to not pursue pump. I have never fired the marker; it's still so new that it still has the lube on the bolt, and the protective plastic sticker on the gauge.

The box is in "as close to new as you can get" condition. Here's what it will come with:
* Empire Sniper marker
* 3 barrel backs (.675, .680, .685) and 1 barrel front
* Barrel bag (still in plastic)
* Allen keys (still in plastic)
* 10-round springfeed
* Original CD
* Plastic parts kit (with o-rings, detents, and lube)

I am selling this for $345 shipped (within the US) and PayPal'ed, or best offer. Please help take this off my hands, and into some hands that will actually use this great pump marker!