automag gods, i need help.
ok so i just watched the TK videos and it seems that my leak down the barrel is from a power tube oring not sealing correctly. I got this mag after it was sitting for awhile so i bought a spare parts kit.
i went ahead and replaced all the orings that i could that were supplied with the parts kit. afterward i still have a leak down the barrel.

so a couple questions-
1) does the fact that it is a minimag valve matter? i think not.
2) could the orings that came with my kit be the wrong size possibly?
3) spacer kit would/could fix this?

also when i pulled the trigger, the leak stopped down the barrel, but i heard a tiny bit of air passing through the on/off. well it sounded like the air pressure in the on-off built up until it sealed 100%. this lasted a few seconds before it sealed all the way. this kind of ruled out the on/off valve as having trouble until i heard that little bit of air.

also something that came to mind was that im using the aka extreme lube. ive read stuff that says only use autolube or another kind. i was under the assumption that most of these air tool oils were the same or almost the same. could using the wrong kind of lube make weird stuff happen like orings not sealing properly?

at one point it sounded like a bunch of liquid was flowing through the valve like a bubbling sound. could this be from using too much oil?

sorry for the n00b questions but id really like to get back into mags and this is not helping lol.