Well, I was looking forward to using these parts to build a compact "pistol" mag, but I need a timing belt for my car ASAP.

I would prefer selling this all to one person and I'll lay out a good deal for it. If I have to part it prices will be as follows:

Standard Right feed body, cut feedneck fits VLbows perfect down to the hole 9/10 condition $20
PF right Emag body, polished, cut to run warp, has a VLbow spacer epoxy'd on to use regular elbow, will come with elbow 7/10 condition $20
Classic valve, polished but still has matching serial #'s on it, has ANS phase II bolt with extra foamies, ANS on/off top, just rebuilt and played with once 10/10 condition $45
Benchmark wave rail, polished, couple dings and has had a "winged" frame on it, can be sanded and polished out in that area 8/10 condition $60
AM/MM vert adapter w/ gas thru grip, adapter 9/10, grip 7/10 (shows a little pitting from use, buttom by asa has cracks in chrome) $15 (cant get them apart!)
AM/MM sear, still has sharp edges $15
ANS 10", J&J stainless straight bore 10", PTP Armson rifled 13" all in good shape $15 each (will probably cost at least 1/2 that to ship)

So theres the itemized prices.

Send me $120+ $10 to "split" the shipping and ill throw everything in a box and send it to you (I suspect shipping will be about $15-$20 because of the weight)

THANKS AO!!!! help me fix my car! haha