I have a carbon fiber wrapped 3000psi 68cu pure energy tank that was built in 11/01. I just got the tank hydroded, so its good to go. While i was playing recently the regulator failed and started to release air. I decided to replace the reg because it is 12 years old and I couldn't service it (it doesn't have set screws holding the two pieces together and is locked together). I ordered a 3000psi ninja reg and when I got it I tried to screw it into the tank but it wouldn't screw in all the way. I then noticed that the treads on the ninja reg are longer than on my stock pure energy reg. I thought that regs were suppose to be universal? Is it just because my tank is so old? If thats the case where can i get a reg that fits? The tank is good for another 3 years so i would like to not have to buy a new one. Thanks for the help!