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Thread: Brand NIB Etek Star and Ultralite Frames

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    Brand NIB Etek Star and Ultralite Frames


    A store around me just closed (the owner retired, really good guy), and I picked up the last of their Etek Star Frames, as well as their Ultralite Frames. They come in original packaging, with their boards and everything else their kits came with. The only package that's even been opened is the the Dye frame, and that was just to display it in the case. Price doesn't include shipping. No trades on these.

    Etek Star Frame- Dust Black: $150- SOLD

    Etek Star Frame- Dust Silver $150- SOLD

    Dye Ultralite Frame- PMR $100- PENDING

    Dye Ultralite Frame- M6 $100

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    OBO on this stuff guys. If you want one, lemme know.

    Oddly enough, had the thread closed on PBN because, according to them, I wasn't charging enough. How weird is that? Live by the sponsor, die by the sponsor I guess.

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