My 13 year old brother played his first game of paintball today and I promised him that if/when he started his paintball career I would take him under my wing and show him the ropes and help him in anyway I can...

It utterly breaks my heart though that he played his first game 850 miles away from me. He needs friends as he is new in the area living with our single mom who is a cancer survivor.

If anyone in or around the area or anywhere else far away can help. I just gave away 2 of my pod packs and have no spare gear.

He needs a mentor. Someone to show him the ropes and someone to be his friend. He needs to know that he can join a sport that is accepting of everyone and not Just the people who can afford to buy nice gear. I'm doing what I can to help him with paint costs and such.

Anyone near atlanta willing to be a friend to a total atranger? He played at safety wolf, btw