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Thread: ptp micromag 2000, micromag intellifeed, hyperframe, etc.

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    ptp micromag 2000, micromag intellifeed, hyperframe, etc.


    Hey guys - I've been out of paintball for quite some time, and currently broke! so time to sell some stuff I had been holding onto in case I ever got back into the sport. All prices are OBO and include shipping. Everything worked when I put it away ~ 3 yrs ago. ASSUME that you will need to take everything apart, oil things down, etc. Because of this, everything is AS-IS. I don't have an air tank or even the knowledge anymore to test this stuff.

    1. PTP micromag 2000 vert feed with retrovalve. I THINK it has level 10 bolt, but please see pictures because I am really not sure anymore. If someone can definitively say, I will update this.
    $300 shipped.

    2. micromag with AGD intelligrip. I THINK this have level 10 bolt and ULE trigger kit (it is 2 pieces and has a shim or 2 in between).
    $150 shipped.

    3. Centerflag Hyper Frame. This worked when I got it but seems that the solenoid isnt firing anymore. I am sure someone could easily fix this because the board does work. see pictures.
    $75 shipped.

    4. black smart parts progressive barrel and silver unknown barrel, 14", 12" (i think). FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE ABOVE IF YOU WANT THEM! Or $40 shipped for both.
    5. Anything else in the picture is fair game too for freebie with another purchase (parts kit, rechargeable battery, mini rail for an air tank)


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    Those are both Level 10 bolts
    Steve Shuey , Team Crimson Reign

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    that is an interesting silver micro, where did you get that micro (non 2000)? Is it a clone?

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    It's not a clone it looks to have just been milled down.

    Very pretty! If I had the money, I'd send you a PM. Instead I'll wish you good luck with the sale of a great marker at a great price!

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