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Thread: hanging it on the wall?

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    hanging it on the wall?

    what do you use to hang your markers on the wall safely, with out harming the marker but keeping it from falling?

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    dead hookers. kill them, nail them to the wall and wait for them to "stiffen up" and you position their arms to cradle your guns. kill 2 birds with one stone.

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    Nail gun and spray glue

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    Nylon string, brass pop rivets, 4 inch concrete lag bolts, lead lag shields, then finish with paper mache and silly putty.

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    Why do you have a gun and want to hang it up? Go out in the back yard and play!
    I took the road least where the hell am I ?

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    I leave my guns in my gear bag, dirty from being played with. I generally take them out the day before I play to wipe them down and then put them back in the bag.

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    way to many she wont let me, i want to look at my markers y leave them in the bag and i cant play i was in a bad car wreck a month ago and broke my upper femur in 3 spots among other things...

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    I use 3M double sided command strips with plastic wall hanging mounts. The barrel side I use doorknob shaped coat hangers, and the valve side I use looped mounts. They hold my guns right next to the wall and are quite solid.

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    I found some nice brackets at homedepot called tornado hangers. Metal brackets coated with rubber that mount to studs or Sheetrock. About $10ea

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    I made a frame that attaches to the studs in my wall and then attached pegboard to the frame. I have pegs (similar to those posted by MPSD) that hold the guns up. I've covered some of the pegs in shrink wrap to keep the pegs from scratching the finishes on the guns. I plan on doing the others as well though.

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    vertical 4" pvc pipe with holes drilled at a downward angle horizontally. automotive weatherstrip around the hole to keep from scratching the barrel. awesome project and cheap to do. and you could technically make it a center piece in a room on a rotating stand and make a paintball gun christmas tree

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    That's clever!

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