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Thread: mag, angel, misc, eflexes, misc

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    mag, angel, misc, eflexes, misc

    i have to much stuff and i know it so ya.
    please keep purchases over $30 because of shipping if your borderline shoot me a pm. i can take all the pics you want fell free to ask. when in doubt ask

    spec ops long bow kit
    only 1 magazine
    red dot
    18in all american
    leg holster
    $285 will look at trades

    angel stuff:
    infinity barrel $15
    32 deg barrel $15
    lapco $15
    2 jt backs both .690 and in great condition i got these about a month ago brand new from a store scratches from rolling in a drawer for a decade.$18 each

    lcd charger $40
    feednecks $10

    regs unknown condition$15 each
    ego bolts $25 each
    site rail $5
    ans valve back $20
    mag grip $5
    sp gas through $7
    Slik back block $25
    tank ring? $10

    pmi perfect( has entials scrapped in it) 15
    ans(stainless) 15
    proto $20
    2x dye excel $25ea
    16 in cp $30

    eflexes $90
    small scratches on lense
    not my cup of tea

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    What kind of trades are you looking for? I'm interested in the Tac gear.

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    still have this stuff

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