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Thread: To Contour or Not to Contour?

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    Question To Contour or Not to Contour?

    Looking at mounting a camcorder to capture all that great bean footage. Not those beans. What's your thoughts for those that own one?

    Mounting location on goggles...older version/Roam2/+2/GPS...other brand.

    I'm getting the itch with LL6 coming up.

    I saw a thread/link of someone developing a even smaller device, but looking for something soon that works.

    I use a Profiler mask, but interested in getting something different some day...
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    What mask do you use? Your mask of choice might actually affect your decision.
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    contours work great with grills/profilers, not so much with the proflex. i like mine a lot, nice low profile camera!

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    Hrm... mounting on goggles without exposed straps gets kind of tricky.

    How detailed an answer do you want on this matter?

    In my opinion, until it's integrated right into the mask, it doesn't get better than this:

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    In your particular LL6 case, this might be of interest to you:

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    In-flight refueling off a regular Tenergy 2600mah USB power supply.

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    I use one on my Grill, and bolted the mounting circle directly to my lens retention clip. The clips on the Grill are a little more pronounced, but I think the clips on the Profiler are big enough to work with as well. And you can typically pick up a spare set of lens retention clips for just a couple bucks.

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    I am getting the itch even more now. Thanks for the comments and pics. I heard Contour may have a new one coming out in June so now I don't know. I guess if you keep waiting for new technology then you will never buy...

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