I havent played in years and probably never will again. Figured I would rather sell these mags cheap than sit on em forever. Neither has been gassed up in years, but both worked fine last time I played. Rt classic with an intelliframe and an aci flame graffiti barrel. Micromag with vertical air adapter and an autoresponse frame. The classic is missing the barrel detent, and the micromag's autoresponse frame has one stripped hole at the bottom. Ill take 250 for both of em or 150 each and all the drop forwards, accessories, pods, packs, barrels, fittings, lines, etc. that I can find. I also have an AT85 with a hopper adapter and adjustable m4 style stock that hasnt been used in years either. Ill take 200 for it. Ill try and get some pics taken that I can email anyone interested. I sold a karta body mag on here awhile back and the buyer was very happy. I have a paypal account.