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Thread: Emag Charger........

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    Emag Charger........

    I just got an emag last week didn't come with the oringal charger but, it came with a RC/Air and Airsoft gun charger. Just want to know if this charge will be safe to charge the battery.

    Stats of the charger...

    *Input Voltage: 90-260VAC
    50/60Hz Auto-switching

    *Output Voltage:
    12-16.8V DC,Auto-Detecting

    *Output Current
    Constant 0.4A

    *Auto cut-off:
    by - ΔV via MCU

    Instructions in the manual, just need clearification on it.

    1. Don't charge battery pack with voltage <12 or voltage> 16.8v and Capacity <400mAh. Means don't charge anything under 12v and anything under 400mAh? right?

    2. Battery pack must be made by high drain current cell. Not sure if the emag battery is a high drain cell, but with the beefy 18v solenoid i'm guessing it is, high drain?

    And why is the output of the battery 18.78v??

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    That charger will be fine with the emag battery pack. It is designed to charge large capacity packs with voltages from 12V to 16.8V. It just doesn't trickle charge, so you can't put the charger on to maintain a full battery pack. It is a high capacity all or nothing fast charger.

    The emag batter pack is a high drain pack.

    The 16.8V rating on a battery pack is the average voltage. When the pack is fully charged the voltage output is above 16.8V and when the pack is empty it is below 16.8V.
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