I just got an emag last week didn't come with the oringal charger but, it came with a RC/Air and Airsoft gun charger. Just want to know if this charge will be safe to charge the battery.

Stats of the charger...

*Input Voltage: 90-260VAC
50/60Hz Auto-switching

*Output Voltage:
12-16.8V DC,Auto-Detecting

*Output Current
Constant 0.4A

*Auto cut-off:
by - ΔV via MCU

Instructions in the manual, just need clearification on it.

1. Don't charge battery pack with voltage <12 or voltage> 16.8v and Capacity <400mAh. Means don't charge anything under 12v and anything under 400mAh? right?

2. Battery pack must be made by high drain current cell. Not sure if the emag battery is a high drain cell, but with the beefy 18v solenoid i'm guessing it is, high drain?

And why is the output of the battery 18.78v??