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    I was thinking after the TiPX gave me some bad taste (HPA shot 340+ fps at times, just real finicky). Maybe I should go AGD for my sidearm marker needs.

    So I was thinking of getting:
    68 Classic mag with:
    -ULE body
    -LV X bolt
    -Vert ASA
    -Some sort of clamping feedneck (ccm?)
    -DW or some sort of 6-8" barrel

    So what can I expect in terms used prices for all the above minus the barrel? I would prefer the cheapest option, as I am saving for a j12.

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    If you are going with a stock CF frame, you could build something for about $225-250. Hard part is finding a Classic valve with level X.

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    I was thinking maybe just buying a a 68 mag, or even a ULE with classic valve then buying the lv x bolt and throwing that puppy on. But time to get hunting i guess

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