Reffed at boneyard paintball today and after one of the fields died down we had some extra refs so I grabbed my mag and headed out. The uber hardcore speedball crowd was done and packing up so all the recball players (me) headed over for a few moderate speedball games.

Well it was me, a couple other people and a crap ton of first timers. Off the break I run out, no shooting just get to my bunker. Pop out and instanty take out the guy on the opposite dorrito. Move up one and take one out accross field. I notice someone running up to take the dorrito position and I pull back to reload...

This is where it geats great. I'm about 15-20 feet away from the speedballers that are packing up...

"Hey! Hey! Dude wtf is that guy shooting?!"

" which guy... holy crap! Is that an automag!!!!!!!!"

"What's an automag. Is that new?"

"No. Old old stuff. Never seen one like that thou."

"Wow it RIPs"

I have at this point stopped loading. Had a laugh. And procceded to take out 4 more of the 8 man team. After we were done with everything we're walking back and I was cornered by 5 players who were all starring at my mag. They were in awe over it and couldn't believe I was actually shooting one. One guy asked about modes