I'm still without parts I ordered on Apr 1st... Q-Loader has stopped responding to my calls and emails.

I have been emailing: support@qloader.com and leaving voicemails at 1-800-910-4522 both of these methods have worked for me in the past... no response for the last 14 days and counting

Does anyone have a better more direct way to get a hold of this guy... I think his name is Eric

Here is the gist of my situation:

On April 1st I ordered:

1-Ion mod kit
2-90 Degree low rise elbows
2-Quick release hose adapters

When the package showed up on April 8th it was missing both of the elbows and both of the quick release hose adapters.

I sent an email immediately after I opened the package on Apr 8th and found that it was missing parts. I told him that I was missing two 90 Deg. low rise elbows and two quick release hose adapters.

On Friday April 12th I got an email from him, saying that he sent my missing parts to me via two day air.

On Tuesday April 16th I received a package containing two 90Deg low rise elbows and nothing else!

I immediately sent an email notifying him that I still didn't have all the parts I ordered.

Today is April 30th.... I have sent multiple emails, and left multiple voicemails and have received zero response.

I would like to think he isn't just blowing me off.... but I'm starting to get that sinking feeling that I might be getting screwed.