When my team, the Muddy Water Boys, were playing in the Skills division of the UWL, we used mags. At that time i went on a MAG buying spree and accumulated some un needed markers. The following is one of them. I have never played with it. I have recently had it went over by a friend of mine (LO) and still do not plan on using her. I figure i should put her out there into someones hands that will do her Justice.

It comes with everything in the picture. One of the parts kits has been opened and had some o-rings used in the rebuild, the other is opened but unused.

I am really looking to trade up in markers, but I am not having much luck with the stuff i am trying to trade. PM me if you are interested at all in some trading.

Cash price is 175 shipped and PayPal'd. Sorry if that is high, it has been a while since I have prowled the great AO forums. Feel free to offer up.

Muddy Water Boys