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Thread: SC Phantom - PGP - Cocker - Pro Carbine - BE Samurai

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    SC Phantom - PGP - Cocker - Pro Carbine - BE Samurai

    Item prices are shipped to Continental US

    Phantom by b3rmud3z, on Flickr

    Stock Class Phantom - sold
    9.9/10 condition - Like new condition, only used once. Very minor nicks on anno on rear 12gram knob and corner of grip frame.

    PGP Passenger by b3rmud3z, on Flickr

    PGP - sold
    7/10 condition - never used by me, held air last time i aired it. (has 12 gram stuck in it still, didn't want to force it out)

    RexM2 by b3rmud3z, on Flickr

    Rex M2 Cocker - sold
    9/10 condition - like new, missing crappy ASA and crappy line through front grip that came with it. Comes in original box, never used. Has had pneumatics off before, tried to turn into pump but never went though with it. Has clamping feedneck and Dye reflex clone frame

    ProCarbine by b3rmud3z, on Flickr

    Tippmann Pro/Carbine - 55.00
    5/10 condition - former rental marker has rental numbers engraved on side, never aired up and needs a good cleaning

    Samurai by b3rmud3z, on Flickr

    BE Samurai - 25.00
    Wanted for project, have no idea if it works never aired (Detonator Reg Not Included)

    Evil Detonator Reg - sold
    9.9/10 New condition
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