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Thread: I think the search function is broken

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    I think the search function is broken

    I can't find anything in the forums for "tac" or "tac-one".

    Just so somebody knows. Not sure how to report this officially.


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    Tried both terms, didn't work for me either.

    Searched my username, and the term "minimag" and came up with craploads of threads though.

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    This can only mean one thing.

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    Don't know, I am lost.
    Works for me. Seven pages for Tacone search.

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    I wonder if it because they are 3 letter words.

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    In the latest version of Vbulletin it made it difficult to search for 3 letter terms. The fix is to mess with a few database settings and I really don't want to corrupt database.

    An easy way to search for terms such as SFL, mag, PTP, etc. is to add an asterisk to the end of the term. Using a truncation operator.

    For example, searching the term "TAC*" It will retrieve entries for all posts containing the words: Tac One, Tac-One, TacOne.

    Searching AO with no asterisk: "TAC"

    Searching AO with asterisk: "TAC*"

    We went from 0 pages to 13 pages worth of posts with some form of the word "TAC" in it. Not bad!

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    Good catch Bunny. I knew it had to be that the word is only 3 letters (some forums even give you an error report with that claim), but I didn't know there was a dirty workaround available with the asterisk. That will help a bunch.

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    In retrospect that's pretty logical as asterix is commonly used as wildcard in searches. Good catch Bunny!

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