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Thread: "Pod Jammer" - annother idea thread

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    Lightbulb "Pod Jammer" - annother idea thread

    Remove the "ball chamber" from a HALO (or similar force feed loader) and replace it with a small collar that accepts 200 round feed tubes.

    -Eliminates one connecting flight from the paintball voyage.
    -Reduces Horizontal profile of complete setup.
    -Makes cheating easier (I don't endorse it but it's true)
    -Allows for more mods and mounting options (Warp right with HALO "blue thing" feeding directly into the breach")

    -Increases vertical profile of complete setup
    -Will lead to some spillage since the marker will need to be turned over to "clack" pod into place (probably no more than the mess people make with speed feeds)
    -does not look cool.

    There are dozens of ways I can think to configure this. You could set the collar up to mount at a 45 degree angle and mitigate some of the height. Anyhow, just thought I would throw it out there and see if someone felt like building one. What say you AO?

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    I think the Q-loader already has this covered but I'm pretty sure JT or ViewLoader had something like this years ago that fit into the Revy. Of course at that point, the biggest pods were only 100 rounds.

    If you wanted another idea. Pinokio (sp) has the long nose hopper you could just use.

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    The Q-Loader is only 100 rounds. The Revy is not force feed and it's collar didn't replace the hopper, just made it bigger and more awkward. The Pinokio hopper is just a big ace hopper.

    Of those only the Q-Loader has a similar effect, and then you have limited capacity and they are (IMO) a pita to load.

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