Remove the "ball chamber" from a HALO (or similar force feed loader) and replace it with a small collar that accepts 200 round feed tubes.

-Eliminates one connecting flight from the paintball voyage.
-Reduces Horizontal profile of complete setup.
-Makes cheating easier (I don't endorse it but it's true)
-Allows for more mods and mounting options (Warp right with HALO "blue thing" feeding directly into the breach")

-Increases vertical profile of complete setup
-Will lead to some spillage since the marker will need to be turned over to "clack" pod into place (probably no more than the mess people make with speed feeds)
-does not look cool.

There are dozens of ways I can think to configure this. You could set the collar up to mount at a 45 degree angle and mitigate some of the height. Anyhow, just thought I would throw it out there and see if someone felt like building one. What say you AO?