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Thread: Lasoya Timmy f/t

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    Lasoya Timmy f/t

    I have this super dusty Lasoya Timmy from when I was a wee lad. Pretty sure all the orings and stuff need to be replaced/lubed this gun has not been shot for almost 10 years. I am looking for an Emag, Dallara Mag, Autococker...... they don't have to work, they just need to be in "collectable condition". I want to preserve a gun to fill my nostalgia. maybe for sale.....

    Specs: Everything you see in the photo are pretty much CP products, and included

    I do know the AO sig rules, I just want a free sig pic, that's all!

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    Price shipped?

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    I love when people don't ^^^

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    Me too, as he stated "maybe for sale" lol No reason not to ask how much if you don't have any of his list of trades.

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