Well while in a hunt for a decent size group to regularly play with. That are not all rookies. I played with a local scenario team this past Saturday. Great day of hard play. And any going to LL6 give the raw dawgs a salute and don't underestimate them. They play clean and fair. But they will push hard. And I think I found my group Well anyways it was so odd really finding out how nonexistent the knowledge is on anything non vert feed and electric these days. There were 12 or more playing. Most in them in there mid to late 20s. None knew what my old RT was. And better yet. I had my power feed plug out on a table while I was cleaning up my gun and none of them even knew what that was. When explaining what the gun was they instantly thought it was a copy of a tippman response trigger gun. it just really put in prospective how this sport has shifted in the last 10 years. On a plus side. I represented pretty good for AGD and they all knew not to underestimate the old mech steed since I was in the group of 4 that were kept seperated. My old rt and there 3 egos. But man..... things have changed.