Relisted, price dropped , Tunaball funds.

Very good shape light trooper 06 London Nexus Ego.

8/10 for barrel tip abuse.

Everything stock (as far as I know) except the rammer housing and its blue (see back of marker in pic), and the Evil bolt pin.

Comes with stock rammer housing , qev's, etc. shown in pics.

Rammer housing was replaced because it has a scratch on the end, needs wet sanded slightly, and the one loose qev is broken but the seal is good.

NO TRADES unless you are adding a lot of $ , and shipping first.

$385 shipped, USA ONLY please.

Only 100 light troopers and 100 dark troopers made in 06.

You dont see many up for sale and they're usually beat up, not in near as good shape as this one is.