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Thread: Problems with my CP feed necks

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    Problems with my CP feed necks

    I went to a large game this past weekend in St Paul Oregon, I brought my dad, 3 Mags with two sporting new CP feed necks. The Friday night game was a blast with no problems. On Saturday I hooked up my R7 camera and high cap rotor and went out, but within two hours I notice that my feed neck was lose so I tighten it by hand on the field and it strips out. I head back to camp not knowing if it was the threads on the ULE body or the feed neck. So I take the feed neck off the third Mag witch is stock and I notice that the stock feed neck has a lot more threads then the CP ones. Thank god the stock feed neck threaded on perfectly and worked like a champ the rest of the game. Now I still wanted to get some good video so I switched with my father who was using my other mag with the CP feed neck and I went out. Not even 30 min later my hopper comes off feed neck and all.

    So here are a few questions I have.

    Are CP feed necks just crap or do you think it was the combo of the camera and the high cap rotor just too much for it?

    What feed neck do you think would work better with my setup?
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    CP feed necks are junk. I would suggest CCM and have used them exclusively on my markers for years.

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    RPG Sub Zero feednecks are pretty awesome too.

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    CP "angel" feednecks are ION threaded not Angel threaded.

    Quote Originally Posted by SSP REAPER View Post
    CP feed necks are junk. I would suggest CCM and have used them exclusively on my markers for years.

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    I like AKA feednecks. Slightly cheaper than CCM and work well.

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    CP made to many ion threaded feednecks to sell so they rebranded them as angel threaded...

    At my shop we got some "angel" feednecks that wouldn't work and after sending them in a few times we started marking them with China markers, sure enough CP was sending us the EXACT feednecks back in new packing

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