So this isnít so much a problem with tanks as it is with the rules involving tanks. Every place will be different but two rules at this last game really set me off. First one was, we could not shoot at the tanks. This wasnít a safety issue because everyone in the tank has to where a mask and all windows were replaced with netting. The only thing I could think of was, with so much money invested in the tanks they didnít want to risk doing damage to them. This is ridiculous tho. If I invest in a high end marker but donít want to get it dirty I wouldnít take it onto a field with 1400 players. This rule allowed the tanks to just park near our spawn point and block our way, getting into the action. Now I can see a paintball not being able to eliminate a tank but one should be able to distract them with a line of paint so a group can move up or a rocketeer to get into position.
The second rule was that a tank could only die if a rocket was fired in to the catch nets by a rocket launcher. If I have a rocket and can sneak up and toss or place it in to the net of a tank it should count. The tank would have nobody to blame but its self for allowing an opponent to get so close.
Am I wrong in thinking this?