Having just been to Splaterpark and not being overly impressed. I'm searching for better fields that have annual games that are more than just trading paint with one another. In the past I played here in Ohio at Pinnacle Woods, who put on a great World Conquest game. That included:

5 Teams
3 Officer Positions per team
- General - Could launch Nuke attacks.
- Buyer - Could spend cash points on missle parts, mercenaries, and SAMS.
- Spy - Had all the arm band colors.
NUKES - 3 pieces. Kills entire team, that team joins you.
SAM's - 2 per team. Shoots down Nukes.
Mercenaries - Had to be purchased. Completes 1 assigned mission.
Mad Scientist - Randomly steal stuff from teams.
1 Headquarters per team.
1 Supply Depot per team.

I put the question out there. Where can we find fun games like this? Thanks in advance!