Back when tom was throwing around the idea of remaking the Z I was interested. Always liked the Z idea. But it was just too much for me. So I never bought one. As the Y got closer to production things happened and I sold all my guns except for my trusty old RT and packed it up for safe keeping. Jump 10 years in the future and I've played quite a bit this year. Remembering what all I loved about the sport. And best part is paint is actually cheaper now. I'm back until something happens that kills funds totally. Well a Y grip popped up for sale a week ago and I snatched it up. it came in today. Had to take it to work and drill it out for the banjo on my RT. But that was easy enough. Got my offset drop I head made for the intelli on the Y thinking it would be too much since the Y moves it a bunch to begin with. NOPE! Its perfect! and I'm in love. Not sure why this design never took off. Unlike the z this isn't so far forward that you have to totally relearn everything. But its enough to get the kinks out if you like a compact setup. Did some snap shooting in my back yard and man its great. Tight compact setup. No kinks in the wrist. I can't wait to use it in an actual game in a couple of weeks. I must thank the AGD's design crew for thinking outside the box. And all the AO members that got AGD to gamble with the funds to produce them. Well. Done rambling now and here is the Mag porn. Click image for larger version. 

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