So i pulled out my 2 mags that have been sitting since last summer, put a few drops of oil in the macro line fitting and aired them up and they both leaked down the barrel but went away with a squeeze of the trigger. One is an emag valve with a level 10, I went down 1/2 of a carrier size and that one seems to be running like a champ. The other is an x-valve with level 10 and ULT, I tried to go down 1/2 a carrier size with that one and I had bolt stick issues, it would fire but would not always reset so I would have to reach down the feed tub and push the bolt back to reset it. Since I could have this I decided to go back to the original carrier with a new carrier o-ring but I have the same problem with air leaking down the barrel but going away when the trigger is pulled. I have tried removing all powertip shims as well, I just can seem to get rid of this leak.

Any suggestions?

Anyone on here in upstate NY that might be willing to give me a hand?