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Thread: Unusual RT Pro Issue. . .Now confirmed as micromag 2k9 problem!

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    Unusual RT Pro Issue. . .Now confirmed as micromag 2k9 problem!

    So I have an RT Pro valve in my micromag and it has an odd issue. I posted up in the level 10 thread but I was told it is not an issue with the bolt so I thought it needs its own thread.

    I've got an rt pro valve with a level 10 bolt. I initially had the original reg piston and it worked fine so long as I didn't want to shoot above 260, that is when it started leaking. So I ordered a new reg piston from tunaman. I'm using the .5 carrier. I started off with the red bolt spring. I followed all the guides and turned the velocity up until it first cycles, this happens at about 250fps. Since that is 20fps below where I want to be I thought I'd be good. Well when I try to turn up the velocity to get to field velocity, it doesn't increase at all. I can turn it in until the velocity nut bottoms out and it won't go above 250. I tried all three bolt springs and it is the same case with each one, though at different velocities. Am I missing something crucial here? I am stumped.

    Someone suggested to use washers to shim the spring but this had no effect. There are about 3 full turns from when the gun starts cycling at about 250 to when the nut bottoms out. Throughout this range the velocity doesn't change. It stays at 250.
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