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Thread: Angel threads (detents)

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    Question Angel threads (detents)

    Just got my XMT ULE RT body. It's the first AL body I've purchased that did not come with detents. Can anyone tell me if there is a thread difference between the "pre-2005" angel dentents and the "LED/LCD/iR3" detents?


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    i think so, but i need to know also

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    I would imagine that pre2005 would include the led/LCD/ir3. They were all made pre2005.

    I bought my detents from AGD, I stalled them tonight in my new body.

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    I could be wrong, but I think the threads are the same. Meaning they will all work. I believe the later detents were only "improved". Delrin or some form of plastic or polymer was used in the later style. Again, could be way off.

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    so agd one are the same as angel? this is from a buddy who is the next best thing from a WDP master tech

    Well, there could be, it depends. The 03/04 Speed and A4 are both "pre-2005", and they use their own detents that are different from the LED/LCD/IR3 and from the A4 Fly and newer. However, the term "pre-2005" is pretty broad, so the person could be referring to LED/LCD/IR3 detents as well. You can tell by looking at a picture of what's being described. LED/LCD/IR3 detents are a single-piece unit with the ball insert built in. The 03/04 Speed/A4 are a 3 piece unit with the ball insert and spring being replaceable and fitting inside a round cap. Any of the detents newer than the A4 are just a ball insert and spring that fits underneath the eye cover plate.

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    the detents are different between the angel models/years...but he threads are the same. thats what the guy from said.

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