Because, you know, a Mag project is never truly done.

The Tac-One has mostly stock parts, but the fun thing is that it was built from spare parts I acquired while buying and selling (and buying and selling) several different Mags throughout winter. Added the 15 ASA on it and have learned to really love it. The machine gun shroud was someting unexepected and slapped it on only yesterday. Reminds me of my old Tommy Mag build.

The RT Pro however, is something else. That valve is in fact an E-Mag valve that had it ano stripped by one of its previous owners, and it looked pretty sad. The rail is an RT PRo rail that was in a pretty sad state too, with lots of scratches and ano wear. Got the wings milled by Luke and got it anodized by the Tonsixers. I still need to cut the feedneck, get the Freak back polished and get the Medusa frame replated, as the chrome is pitting and flaking in some spots.