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Thread: "Durka Durka" $2500 Pump Mag

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    "Durka Durka" $2500 Pump Mag

    Anyone interested in taking her off my hands?

    Started life as a RPG Minitac, Everything except the body and detents were replaced. The pump handle is dust black anodized Ceberus Inovations Tactical handle. The Pump mount is the original delrin AGD edition. the 15* asa is dust black RPG. Comes with dust black cci 12 gram bucket changer and gas through. I might still have the quick changer with lever mod around here somewhere as well, and maybe a dummy 12 gram. Comes with the dust black 32* frame that was ules and chopped up, the bottom of the frame was made to look like a serrated knife, I never used it, I went with the cf frame instead. Pillage made the purple heart wood stock. The delrin sc feed block accepts the one off machine gun shroud style feed tube. rainman229 engraved the feed block with "Team America F*ck Yeah" Ceberus Inovations made the delrin feedcap that accepts cc1 feedgates. Rainman 229 took an RT emag rail and modded it to fit the am/mm length body, Fireblade did the milling to the body and rail, uled the living hell out of the rail as well. The valve is a dust black Tunamax edition, also comes with a custom set of acrylic dump chamber spacers to help with co2 efficiency if you choose that route. The xvalve stem comes off and on freely to set up for hpa or co2. Comes with lvl 7 bolt system. Also comes with full Kaner Tactical barrel kit, as well as an Earon Cart whoosh tip, also in dust black. I also have a dust black Noxx Boxx loudener that fits lapco bigshot, pico shot ect barrels. Comes with cci hardline and clamping feedneck for open class play. The gun can easilly be modified for semi play by simply removing the pump rod and wave spring.

    I havent used this beat is a long time, she just sits in the bag doing nothing, last time she came out was just to win an award, lol.

    I'm looking for cash money, no paintball trades at all.

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