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Thread: For everyone who is NOT on a team

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    For everyone who is NOT on a team

    I was thinking of making a team that is scattered over... well... everywhere.

    who is allowed on this team?
    Anyone currently shooting a mag!

    how do you get on this team?
    ask politly and shoot a mag!

    What's this team called?
    AO Army

    conditions of membership:
    shoot a mag
    if youre at a field or event with a fellow AO Army member you stick together

    I'm thinking of jersey idea's but I think this is an idea that will/should take off



    Team now officially called "AO Army" with the logo being the 2 magpies, one holding a pie the other holding a mag with a patch design based off of Toms untermag creed

    Member list:
    1 BTAutoMag
    2 Frizzle Fry
    3 Beemer
    4 rschoi_75
    5 pbjunky99
    6 suaze
    7 TyeStick
    8 knownothingmags
    9 DCx7
    10 tbaggin
    11 pgop2.0
    12 BigEvil
    13 Levi
    14 goin5150
    15 skipdogg
    16 emcl29
    17 Flatliner333
    18 lancecst
    19 Laku
    20 Luke
    21 Scottybeans
    22 Tyestick
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